Amy Poehler follows uUp Golden Globes gig with Super Bowl ad

By Tim Kenneally

LOS ANGELES ( - Amy Poehler is going from the Golden Globes to the Super Bowl.

The "Parks and Recreation" star - who earlier this month co-hosted the Golden Globes with her former "Saturday Night Live" co-star Tina Fey - is following up with a gig as a Best Buy pitchwoman in a Super Bowl ad.

The retail giant announced Wednesday that Poehler will star in its ad for the Big Game this year. Though details about the ad were scarce, an accompanying photo suggests that the funny lady enlists a blue-shirted Best Buy employee to get her up to speed on a new gadget.

The company would only say that Poehler will bring "the Best Buy story to life for millions of football and advertising fans in a very funny and compelling way." Best Buy senior vice president of digital and marketing Scott Durchslag added that Poehler "delivers a whole new dimension of entertainment" in the spot.

"Amy Poehler's Golden Globe performance left us all wanting to see more of her. We are thrilled to feature her in our commercial this year and bring the public another dose of her unparalleled humor," Durchslag said.

Poehler will also be reaching a much bigger audience. Last year's game drew 111.3 million viewers.

After employing Justin Bieber and Ozzy Osbourne in its 2011 Super Bowl ad, Best Buy went in a different direction last year, featuring technological innovators in its ad.

The Super Bowl - and Poehler's ad - air on February 3.

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